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Founded in Brussels, Belgium, Intl.Pageant.Org.(EU-Filcom) have been formed to create events that would continue the Art of Pageantry while maintaining the classic history of its very foundation.

We are collaborators of various international organizations. A group that celebrates the beautiful cultures of the world, ranging from unique diversities, to distinctive age groups and backgrounds. Provide a place that helps women train, aspire, and pursue their dreams. We will help them hone their voices for their advocacy, wave their flags, and present their rights. This, while offering them the chance for them to participate in the spirit of travel, exposure, modelling, glamour, grace, elegance, and being the Ambassador of their brand.

Our mission runs to empower people around the Globe. We travel to gather cultures, arts, diverse talents, and faces that help create a long-lasting impact on the youths and all ages alike. Together, we will raise their flags and voice out their beliefs. Media events and entertainment are the main platforms for the spectacle of friendship, partnership, dignity & respect.

Though we are an international group that started its roots in Brussels, Belgium, we have formed a partnership to incorporate the South East Asian influence from the Philippines. The organization started as a cultivator of camaraderie for Filipinos and European communities, and it has continued throughout the years. Moreover, it eventually expanded its core to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Lastly, our core principle demands the dismissal of the typical "generalized" need for one type of beautiful. Here, we will showcase the gregarious life of people - inside & out.

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