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Hall of Fame

Welcome to the enchanting realm of our virtual Hall of Fame, where the brilliance of our esteemed pageant contestants illuminates with unparalleled radiance. Step into a captivating gallery that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of elegance, talent, and undeniable charm. As you venture through this digital sanctuary, you'll discover a constellation of remarkable individuals who have etched their names in the tapestry of pageant history. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey, where dreams soar, captivating smiles mesmerize, and inner beauty takes center stage, inspiring generations to embrace their truest selves.


Nica Zosa

Official Flag Bearer

Miss Summit International 2022

Bishop 2.jpg

Maree Bishop

Official Flag Bearer

Mrs. Philippines Globe Classique 2022

Jennyvin 2.jpg

Jennyvin Vermeulen

Official Flag Bearer

Mrs. Continental Europe Universe 2020

noemi (1).jpg

Noemi Laude Saltsidis

Official Flag Bearer

Mrs. Philippines World 2019


Charlaine Mae Ruby

Official Flag Bearer

Mrs. Philippines World 2018

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